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Body odour caused by sweat production

Body odour caused by sweat production

Sweat is natural, the smell of sweat is unpleasant

A person’s individual smell cannot be changed and is as individual as a fingerprint. Here, sweat development is fundamentally something positive: Sweat maintains the skins elasticity, cools it down when it is too hot and is important for people’s metabolism.

The smell of sweat, which people think is unpleasant, first occurs when the flora of the skin is disturbed. Old sweat which could not evaporate plus a moist body climate is the perfect hotspot for bacteria and for the decomposition process, from which the acrid smell of sweat can develop. Naturally, it’s particularly unpleasant in summer when lots of people meet up when it is very hot.

Tips: What can you do to combat this?

  • Wash regularly and thoroughly
  • Only use a mild soap which does not destroy the natural acid mantle of the skin
  • Wear breathable clothing made from natural fibres (cotton, linen) which allows your skin to breath
  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Play sport and go in the sauna to train your heat balance and vascular system
  • Chlorophyll Dragees can prevent the formation of body odour from the inside out

Stozzon Chlorophyll-Dragees against bad breath and body odour. Active ingredient: Chlorophyll copper complex, sodium salt. Field of application: Traditionally used for the prevention of bad breath and body odour. If any other symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor. Warning: Contains sucrose (sugar) and lactose. To find out about any risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.